Challenge Progress

Day Fifty-Nine – Wednesday 3rd June

Target increase day so the target now stands at 24 hours! Another 30 minutes today means that I have now clocked up 17 and a half hours, so only 6 and a half to go (until next week anyway!!!). Hopefully if I can stick to running for at least 2 and a half hours a week, I will still see that total to go coming down each week. Managed a Facebook Live again today so it was good to pass some of the time chatting to the lovely folk out there!

Day Fifty-Eight – Tuesday 2nd June

Another 20 minutes today brings up 2 and a half hours for the week so I’m pleased with that! Although the target will go up again tomorrow, I don’t feel too demotivated as I’ve run more this week than the increase in that target! Just need to keep that up now!

Day Fifty-Seven – Monday 1st June

Start of new week and new month and still no sign of this coming to an end, so here we go with week 9. Pushed it to 30 minutes again today as I’m determined to have less left to run after my target goes up than I had last week when the target increased!! I really don’t want to leave myself with more than a couple of hours to run once I get the all clear to go back to the hospital.

Day Fifty-Five – Saturday 30th May

Didn’t make it out early after all, so another hot run but kept going for 30 minutes so I might treat myself to a day off in the next few days!! Today’s run has take me over 16 hours of running and over 90 miles!

Day Fifty-Four – Friday 29th May

Another 20 minutes today just to keep that time going! Needed to get to the hospital to take the Welcome Packs, so didn’t push it to 30 minutes today. It’s also been fairly warm over the past few days so unless I get out earlier tomorrow, it might be another 20 minutes then as well!! It all adds up though!

Day Fifty-Three – Thursday 28th May

Just a 20 minute run today as I needed to stop to get some Welcome Packs put together! Quite pleased though as I was starting to feel under pressure to run 30 minutes every time so at least I’ve broken that trend. As long as I try to run every day, or at least only have 1 day off a week, I should still be able to run more than 2 hours a week even if some of my runs are 20 minutes. Will have to see how it goes!

Day Fifty-two – Wednesday 27th May

Had a few other commitments this morning so decided not to do a Facebook Live for Cake & Chat time, but posted a virtual cup of tea & coffee on the Facebook page and encouraged people to share their tips for how they are coping with this situation – after all, it’s good to talk! Still made sure I got out to the garage and did another 30 minute run though – after all, it is Wednesday, so the target has gone up again and now stands at 22 hours. I’m already 15 hours towards it though, so as long as I keep going at this rate, I should get to the point where it is manageable to do what is left when I get the longed for call to say I can go back to the unit!

Day Fifty-one – Tuesday 26th May

Really pleased to have managed another 30 minutes today as it felt really hard to begin with and by 10 minutes I’d decided I’d be happy with 20! Seemed to get a bit easier so carried on and definitely feel good for having done so! The target goes up again tomorrow, so really have to keep the momentum going!

Day Fifty – Monday 25th May

So today has brought up 50 days since I started this challenge. Although I have only run on 37 of those days, I have accumulated 14 hours of running and over 78 miles! There doesn’t seem an end to it yet as no return to the hospital is looking likely (although we will see what happens with the review of the lockdown on Thursday!) so another 30 minutes today edges me closer to my current target of 20 hours. Just keep running!!

Day Forty-Eight – Saturday 23rd May

Back on track (well, two days on the trot anyway!!) so another 30 minutes completed. Hoping to keep this going for at least 2 out of the next 3 days so that I don’t feel so deflated when the target goes up again on Wednesday!!

Day Forty-Seven – Friday 22nd May

Ended up having an unplanned day off yesterday (time just got away with me!) so I had the usual need to push myself today to get back on track. Managed to convince myself to keep going for 30 minutes though as I figure that the more I can do now, the less I will be leaving myself to do at the end!! A total of 13 hours completed now and over 70 miles.

Day Forty-Five – Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday again! It does seem to be coming round more quickly and yet at the same time, it’s definitely feeling like Groundhog Day! Target is now 20 hours which means I’ve missed 10 Wednesdays of Cake & Chat. It really does feel like a long time now and I just hope it isn’t as long until I can get back. On a positive note, I’ve pushed myself to run another 30 minutes today – that’s the third day in a row I’ve managed half and hour so I’m closing in on the target even when it is increasing! It was also incredibly hot today, so it will hopefully feel easier again once the weather cools down!

Day Forty-Four – Tuesday 19th May

Managed another 30 minutes today after convincing myself that the only way to get any closer to the target and not leave myself too much to do at the end, is to add up some significant chunks of time each day! You would have thought that was obvious but it’s much easier to set myself a lower amount of time to run for and stick to that than to make myself run for longer!!

Day Forty-Three – Monday 18th May

I’m determined to make some serious inroads into my target over the next couple of weeks in the hope that it won’t be too much longer before I can get back into the hospital and I don’t want to leave myself with too much to do during the last week (whenever that may be!). Therefore managed to push myself to do 30 minutes today and could possible have done more but I’d left all 3 girls in the house and I didn’t want to push it and come back in to World War III!!! Hopefully I can keep this motivation and momentum going for a few days!!

Day Forty-Two – Sunday 17th May

Another 20 minutes clocked up today which brings my total running to 11 hours towards a current total of 18 hours. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve set myself an impossible task!! I’ve obviously got to run in excess of 2 hours each week in order to keep up with the ever increasing target, but I’ve also got to catch up on the 6 hours that the target was before I started running. Maybe it’s time to up the time I run each day but that is going to require a huge boost in motivation!!! Will see what this week brings.

Day Forty-One – Saturday 16th May

Friday’s just seem to be getting too busy to fit in a run so had to get out there again today! Pleased to have done another 20 minutes today to keep that amount going up! Must try to get a good run together again so that I’m not leaving myself too much to do when I can eventually stop and get back to Cake & Chat!!

Day Thirty-Nine – Thursday 14th May

Managed to make myself get on the treadmill again today to try to get some momentum back and ended up doing 30 minutes! Boom! Not sure how or why, but I’m not going to complain! Even managed to stop the clock at 30:01 to make up for the lost second yesterday!!!

Day Thirty – Eight – Wednesday 13th May

Been struggling of late and didn’t run yesterday again. However, Wednesday is always a good motivator for me – an increase in the target time (now 18 hours) and a Facebook Live to pass some of the time. Forced myself to go for 30 minutes (although stopped the clock at 29:30, so owe a second next time I run!!). I’ve also had another couple of sponsors this week which is lovely and also helps to keep me going.

Day Thirty -Six – Monday 11th May

I really thought this would get easier the more I did, but it really isn’t!!! It was another tough 20 minutes today, but am pleased to have done it and kept the minutes ticking over. I was kept going today by my two youngest daughters who again distracted me with Harry Potter quizzes!!! Must keep going….!!!

Day Thirty-Five – Sunday 10th May

I had planned to run 15 minutes yesterday to bring up the 9 hours mark, but a busy day of undertaking Taskmaster challenges with friends (social distancing adhered to at all times!) and a dodgy hip (sciatica!) meant an enforced day off. Managed to hobble through the 15 minutes today though, so that’s 9 hours ticked off! Today’s 1.36 miles also took my total mileage for the challenge to over 50 miles. I’m happy with that so far!! Wonder if I’ll end up doing 100 miles by the end of it? Lockdown isn’t looking like ending any time soon, so I’m guessing my target of 16 hours is going to increase a fair bit too!!

Day Thirty-Three – Friday 8th May

It’s starting to get harder to get motivated to run but my target is ever increasing so I need to make myself go out at least 5 times a week to keep up! Managed another 20 minutes today and if I do 15 minutes tomorrow, I’ll have made it to 9 hours, so that will be my motivation for running again and not having another day off tomorrow!!!

Day Thirty-One – Wednesday 6th May

Yes – it’s that time of the week again – Wednesday would normally be Cake & Chat but instead it’s ‘increase the target’ day!! Target now stands at 16 hours but it was a nice feeling to start running today knowing that I’d already done just over 8 hours, so already past half way to the new target. Did my Facebook Live video and it was lovely to have a few people watching which spurred me on – also great to receive an encouraging comment or two to keep me going! It was tough today though, so just managed 20 minutes but it’s still enough to keep be clocking up those minutes!

Day Thirty – Tuesday 5th May

It’s been a busy couple of days so didn’t manage to run yesterday and only just squeezed in 15 minutes today, but at least it’s something and keeps that total ticking over before the target goes up again tomorrow!

Day Twenty-Eight – Sunday 3rd May

The end of the fourth week of the Cake and Chat Challenge and another 20 minutes run today brings my total amount of running to 7 hours and 50 minutes. I’ve also covered 44.60 miles which sounds a lot until you realise it has taken me 22 times of running to reach it!!!

Day Twenty-Seven – Saturday 2nd May

After a day off yesterday I needed to get back on the treadmill today. Feeling much more manageable now that my total amount running is consistently more than the amount left to run! Another 20 minutes keeps me on target to get even closer to that target before it goes up again on Wednesday!

Day Twenty-Five – Thursday 30th April

Don’t seem to have had a day off since last Thursday, but as the minutes are adding up, I can see myself getting closer to the target, so just couldn’t help but get on the treadmill and add another 20 minutes! It means I’m back to having run more than I have left – yippee!! Especially pleased as the target won’t be going up for another 6 days, so I’ll be even closer to it by then. Really feel like I’ve broken the back of this challenge. Just need to keep going now!

Day Twenty-Four – Wednesday 29th April

It’s Wednesday which means an increase in the target (now 14 hours) and a Facebook Live!! Not sure it worked so well today – the internet connection kept breaking up – I must remember to switch off the WiFi next week! It’s always a good motivation for me when the target goes up though, so I managed 30 minutes to keep me in sight of where I need to be. The Facebook Live was also a good opportunity to talk about the 2.6 Challenge again and thank those that have already got involved. It’s not too late to take up a challenge and get sponsored or simply make a donation as part of this! Check out the website here for more information.

Day Twenty-Three – Tuesday 28th April

For the first time (and probably the last time for a while) today’s run means I have run for more time than the time I have left! 6 hours and 20 minutes in the bag with just 5 hours and 40 minutes left to my target – until tomorrow when the target goes up again!!!

Day Twenty-Two – Monday 27th April

It was 8pm before I made it into the garage today, so just a short run to keep things moving! Thankfully I managed an uneventful run today, so not much to report! However, 15 minutes means that right now, I’ve run for 6 hours and as my target is currently 12 hours, I’m half way (at least until Wednesday!!)

Day Twenty-One – Sunday 26th April

Wouldn’t normally run on a Sunday as it seems as good as any to have as a day off, but had some spare time this afternoon, so thought I’d tot up another 15 or 20 minutes to try to get ahead of the game!! What a comedy of errors it turned out to be!!! I’d been running for about 5 minutes when I accidentally caught the emergency stop cord, pulling it out, stopping the treadmill and re-setting the time!! Thankfully I hadn’t run much more, but it did mean starting again, so just went for 15 minutes. I’d been doing well for 3 weeks but today was the day I pressed stop on 14 minutes and 59 seconds!!! Given that I’d done an extra 5 minutes though, I’m not feeling too guilty about recording it as 15 minutes!! I’ll know to have a day off next Sunday!!!

Day Twenty – Saturday 25th April

So happy today! Went to do my run – as always it was a struggle to get to 15 minutes and I was battling with myself as to whether to stop at 20 or push it to 30 (which I knew I really needed to do) when a notification popped up on my ‘phone from the charity Twitter account. A fabulous photo and tweet from a mum who’s baby is currently on the unit, thanking us for providing vCreate so that video and photograph updates can be sent to parents when they can’t be at the unit. What more motivation did I need? Boom – 30 minutes in the bag!!

Day Nineteen – Friday 24th April

Didn’t really plan a day off yesterday, but just didn’t get round to running, so made sure I was in the garage this morning to keep the minutes ticking over! Another 20 minute stint today has brought my total to 5 hours. Just another 7 hours to go (plus whatever gets added over the next few weeks!). Will try to run for at least half an hour over the weekend so that my weekly total is at least 2 hours. Will need to try to increase that over the next week or two!

Day Seventeen – Wednesday 22nd April

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means?! Yes – the target has gone up again! Now aiming for 12 hours, although we know that we will be doing this for at least another couple of weeks and probably be longer, so that target will get even bigger! Wednesday also means a Facebook Live as ran at the same time as I would have been doing Cake & Chat. It was good to see that people were watching although I looked shocking!!! Through a combination of doing the Facebook Live, turning the speed down on the treadmill, listening to Pop Master and having my daughter do another Harry Potter trivia quiz, I did manage 30 minutes! Yay!! Need to do that a few more times to get that target a bit closer!

Day Sixteen – Tuesday 21st April

OK, so my legs weren’t so bad today, but then my back started hurting!!! Maybe I’m just a wreck after all!! Done another 20 minutes – tried slowing down a bit to see if I could keep going but to no avail today. Still, tomorrow is Wednesday which means an increase to the total target – that usually motivates me to run a bit further, so hopefully we’ll see at least 30 minutes clocked up tomorrow! Watch this space!

Day Fifteen – Monday 20th April

A tough 20 minutes clocked up today. Really feeling it in my legs but pushed myself to keep going (could quite happily have stopped after 10 minutes!!). Know I can’t really go lower than 20 minutes in a session and need to be pushing for at least half an hour but it’s not getting any easier!! Had another sponsor today which was a good boost, so thank you to those who have donated so far!

Day Thirteen – Saturday 18th April

Ended up having a day off yesterday – it was one of those days where the time just went and I have no idea really what I did all day!!! So, despite it being the weekend (when I had tentatively thought I wouldn’t run!), I’ve been back out in the garage to clock up some more minutes. It was tough today but I forced myself to keep going! It was raining outside so I think I missed the entertainment of my kids in the garden too. Managed another 30 minutes though which I’m pleased with – keeps my target in sight!

Day Eleven – Thursday 16th April

Wow – that was tough today! Don’t know whether I’d overdone it a bit yesterday (I could certainly feel it in my legs!), or whether running after eating a couple of hot dogs is not a good idea, but it was definitely the most difficult it’s been today. Still managed 20 minutes (trying to keep my absolute minimum to 15 minutes, so it’s better than that!) so can keep the total ticking over! If any of you are tempted to take on a bit of a challenge, then today the 2.6 Challenge has been launched – check out our website, Facebook page or to find out more!

Day Ten – Wednesday 15th April

It’s Wednesday, so the target has gone up again – it now stands at 10 hours!! Eek!! However, thanks to my 9-year-old daughter standing next to me for the last 10 minutes firing Harry Potter trivia questions at me, I managed to push it to run for 30 minutes today!! Might regret it later though!!! I also attempted another Facebook Live, so if you want to see me in action, visit our Facebook page and watch me out of breath and getting redder by the minute!!

Day Nine – Tuesday 14th April

Another 20 minutes in the bag! It was warm and hard work today – not sure if I’ll manage to up the minutes tomorrow but I’ll need to try soon as that target will be going up again! May try for another Facebook Live if I manage to run during Cake & Chat time again which could keep me going for a few minutes longer!! If you don’t already ‘like’ us on Facebook, then do find us at where you will find out much more about what we do and watch me in action if I manage a Live running again!!

Day Eight – Monday 13th April

After giving myself the weekend off, I needed to get back on the treadmill today. We’ve moved it into the garage so that I don’t have to keep getting it out every day. It’s also much cooler in the garage, so should be more comfortable. Today, however, it was also about 10 degrees cooler outside so definitely felt the chill!! Couldn’t manage more than 20 minutes again today so will look to increase my time when the target goes up again on Wednesday!

Day Five – Friday 10th April

This must be getting addictive!!! I keep thinking I’ll have a day off and then decide I should run for a bit! I think I’m worried that if I stop, I might not start again!! Definitely not going to run on Sunday, so I might end up having the weekend off, but we’ll see what happens. Another 20 mins added today and thanks to the Coles family for their donation yesterday, keeping the money ticking along with the time!

Day Four – Thursday 9th April

Wasn’t sure if I’d manage a run today as I woke up with a very stiff upper back and shoulder!!! However, I’m determined not to leave myself too much to do at the end, so I need to keep the minutes ticking over. After another 20 minute run and a hot shower, I’m feeling much better, so this thing must be good for me in lots of ways!! Would love to see a few more donations coming in, so don’t forget to head to my Virgin Money Giving page if you want to encourage me to keep going!! Thank you!

Day Three – Wednesday 8th April

My legs were definitely feeling it today and I did consider giving myself the day off. However, it is Wednesday and Wednesday is usually Cake & Chat day, so that means the target time has now gone up to 8 hours! Can’t let that get away from me, so forced myself into my running trainers and set up the treadmill – even managed a Facebook Live video (although I haven’t dared to watch it back yet!!!).

Pushed myself to do 20 mins today, so the time is ticking along and hopefully I’ll continue to increase it every couple of days so that I get closer to that target time.

Thanks for the support and I’ll update again soon!

Day Two – Tuesday 7th April

Could feel it in my legs this morning and I’d only run 15 minutes yesterday!! Really need to build up those muscles!! Still managed another 15 minutes today and increased the speed to work myself a little harder. The target goes up tomorrow so may push it to 20 minutes next time I run – don’t want that target to get too far ahead of me!

Had my first donation today, so huge thanks to RevBob for starting the ball rolling.

Day One – Monday 6th April

Today I will begin my challenge. I haven’t run since I completed (in the loosest sense of the word!), the Great North Run in September last year (2019), so I think I’m going to feel it today. I will aim for 15 mins of running as a starter and it won’t be fast, but it’ll get me going and start the minutes adding up. I’ve already missed 3 weeks of Cake & Chat, so my starting total is 6 hours, but this will go up by 2 hours each week, so the sooner I can build up my fitness and stamina to run for longer periods of time, the easier it will be to meet my target!

Will update again as often as I can, but in the meantime, if you want to sponsor me, just click on the link!

Thanks for reading!


I have completed my first 15 minutes! Just another 5 hrs and 45 mins to go (until my target is increased again after Wednesday!!!). Didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would, but I’m not going to get complacent – think I’ll stick to 15 minute stints for now!!!

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